Workplace Coaching

BTB provides individual coaching sessions for leaders and managers to assist them in the areas that they need coaching in. One of our services is called “coach the coach” and is all about supporting team leaders and managers as they learn to coach their own team members.

Group coaching workshops are available for your organisation when you have a team of people who need the same kind of help.

Topics will be chosen with your organisation to get the perfect fit for your needs and may include performance monitoring, giving and feedback, communications, assertiveness, team building and more.

Our group coaching workshops are very participative, full of activities and hands-on learning to optimise learning and participation.  We recommend groups to be approximately 6-12 participants.

Individual Consultations for Private Clients

Sometimes our clients are individuals who you want to do some personal development work outside of their business or workplace.

BTB offer 1-1 coaching with individuals or couples who want some help to understand their strengths and work on their opportunities.  This is often linked with an Extended DISC® Assessment which helps clients to see clearly what their attention needs to be focused on.