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Marina Shearer


Extended DISC® Consultant & Facilitator



1990 BSc psychology – Canterbury University

1994 Train the Trainer – NZ Institute of Management

1995 Group Facilitation Skills – Auckland College of Education

2001 NZQA National Certificate Call Centre Operations

2015 – HRProfiling Accreditation Extended DISC® Consultant

Marina is an experienced coach, facilitator and project manager for all levels of organisations.  Using a blend of her 25 years of training experience, her BSc in psychology, and her passion for people; Marina guarantees a better outcome for you and your people.

Marina spent 15 years as a consultant at the NZ Institute of Management, she has consulted for People Power and spent 5 years as the CLEAR Communications consultant and facilitator for the South Island.  Key Clients include The Canterbury District Health Board, The NZ Fire Service, SouthPower, MainPower, Meridian, Christchurch City Council, Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa and many more.

Marina’s life experience of establishing a successful business, balancing a family and up-skilling organisations demonstrates a huge range of skills.

Marina uses the extended DISC profile to help individuals to be the best that they can be. This system is recognised as one of the most comprehensive tailored personal behavioural analysis reports available today. This investment will change the way you see yourself and others and gives the opportunity for huge personal growth and development as well as greater success in connecting and relating to others.

“My coaching session with Marina of BeTheBest was an invaluable investment. Marina’s ability to choose the best method to examine some key areas that I was stumped on was spot on. By the end of the session, I had clarity on some logistical aspects of my business and also had some personal barriers removed. Marina is very good at identifying key issues to address, and not afraid to bring them to the forefront of consideration, then gently leads you down avenues of self-exploration and empowerment as well as operational mechanics. Thank-you so much.” Danette Moriarty

Maps Consulting

“Marina Shearer has been a facilitator and customer services coach for the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa for a number of years. 21 years ago Marina began at our business working with the General Manager facilitating customer services training and for the last 16 years has worked with our new management team helping us to grow in our service area. Marina designed our training material called ‘The road to service excellence’ and she facilitates the training of all of our new staff. This includes lifeguards, spa therapists, administrative staff and information centre staff. Marina has provided coaching assistance for team leaders and supervisors in a 1-1 capacity as well. “The road to service excellence’ and she facilitates the training of all of our new staff. This includes lifeguards, spa therapists, administrative staff and information centre staff. Marina has provided coaching assistance for team leaders and supervisors in a 1-1 capacity as well.” Marketing Manager

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa‬

I decided to book in for an Extended DISC® behavioural report and to debrief with Marina afterwards as I was in the midst of a life & work transition. I live in Sydney so my debrief was done via SKYPE which worked really well. The test itself didn’t take a lot of time and I initially wondered how it would be able to ‘understand’ me. When I got the report back, I found the information in the report to be extremely accurate (dare I say, scarily accurate!) and I could relate to so much of what it said. Marina walked me through the report, pointing out areas that are learned behaviours and explaining my strengths and opportunities. I learned about the things that zap me of energy and also where my strengths are. It all made complete sense to me. I found the process and Marina’s debrief to be incredibly helpful and I would definitely recommend it to others. Marina is a warm, engaging facilitator and her insight and understanding of this test along with how it applies to your life & work, was incredibly helpful to me. Highly recommended. Janelle Ruthven

Owner, The Grace Files

“Extended DISC® profiling with Marina Shearer has been a very positive learning experience. We did this as a family group and Marina’s skill and expert knowledge enabled us to get the most out of the informative reports. Marina guided us through it in a thoughtful and professional way. A lot of what we knew about ourselves was affirmed and Marina helped us to dig that little bit deeper. A great tool to learn more about yourself and those you live and/or work with.” Sara Heard,

Mt Cass, North Canterbury NZ.

“I’ve had a one on one coaching session with Marina. I found this one on one approach to be fantastic as Marina took on board my needs and tailored the session just for me, she gave me some creative positive ways to deal with different situations. I feel more confidant to deal with these situations as they arise now, Thank you Marina.” Gemma Chick

Polkadots Preschool, Culdverden, North Canterbury

“On behalf of the Cathedral Square Group, I would like to extend my thanks for your time and effort with us.  The Call Reluctance Course proved to be very popular with the representatives.  They certainly approach telephoning for appointments differently, and with more confidence.”

Gary Binnie

Tait Cathedral Square Group

“A big thank you for being a vital part of The George, Christchurch’s Phone Power training seminar which you facilitated in-house in September.  I considered it a privilege to be present and see you perform to the high standard that you achieved on the day.  As an in-house trainer and Corporate Kiwi Host Leader, I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into preparing a training session, and commend you on the well structured and personalised presentation that you delivered.  The feedback I have received has been very encouraging, I feel this is a result of the accelerated learning, and innovative techniques you choose to use throughout the course.  Again a sincere thank you for your contribution from my team, and the company who I’m sure will benefit from investing in your expertise.”

Terrence Johnston

The George Hotel

“I would like to thank you and formally acknowledge the value of the training provided by CLEAR and Marina.  Marina has added value to our organisation by taking the time to understand the business processes and communication meeting points throughout our organisation.  Then in conjunction with myself, Marina has developed a customised training package which has been applied to our employees in short punchy training sessions.  Although originally we were not happy to contract out our training responsibility, Marina’s presentation quality and style not only brought in an external perspective but also won her the respect of our employees. Marina would always follow up the training with a personal debrief and training report which I found invaluable for the open and honest feedback it contained.”

Paul Daigneault

NZ Manager, Tait Communications

“Recently we used NZIM to facilitate a segment of our two day managing safety workshop in Christchurch and we had Marina Shearer as the facilitator.  The course comments were excellent and this was in my view due to the extremely high calibre of the professional approach Marina displayed in her presentation.  We would have no hesitation in engaging Marina to do further work for us.”

Fulton Hogan

John Smith Group Safety Advisor‬, Christchurch